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Master Gardener training

The Charlotte County Extension Office will offer a computer-based, self-paced, independent Master Gardener study beginning on Sept. 8 ...


Learning about the eastern prickly pear

By Mark C. Carroll Special to The Charlotte Gazette Like other desert cacti, the eastern prickly pear (Opuntia ...


Movie Review — Bullet Train

By Lauren Bradshaw Special to The Charlotte Gazette BULLET TRAIN, directed by David Leitch, is an entertaining enough ...


Homeowners asked to report destructive jumping worms

While many gardeners welcome worms in their soil, there’s one wriggling fiend that is unwanted. Virginia Cooperative Extension ...


Movie Review: The Gray Man

“The Gray Man,” written and directed by the Russo Brothers, is one of Netflix’s largest scale, original films ...

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Virginia State Fair features expanded lineup

CAROLINE COUNTY – This year’s State Fair of Virginia will host new acts and returning fan favorites, showcasing ...


Stay safe, prepared during the summer storm season

Hurricanes may get the most attention in the headlines, but sporadic summer storms can be just as devastating. ...


Digital Virginia Cider Trail launched

On Wednesday, July 6, the American Cider Association, launched a digital Virginia Cider Trail to encourage Virginians and ...


Beautiful butterfly

This photo of a yellow butterfly was taken by Ron Card of Abilene in his front yard.


Rising temperatures pose increased heat stress risk

With historically high temperatures, staying safe while working outdoors is increasingly vital, particularly among vulnerable groups, such as ...

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