Quality of school lunches questioned

Published 7:02 pm Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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After receiving several complaints concerning school lunches, Charlotte County Public Schools (CCPS) Superintendent Robbie Mason said Tuesday morning, Sept. 14, that the division continues to serve nutritious meals to students.

“Information has circulated this week on social media that CCPS is serving ‘TV dinners’ for lunch to our students at school,” Mason said. “This is not accurate. No frozen meals or TV dinners are being served.”

Mason explained that CCPS used CARES funds to purchase a large number of plastic compartmentalized trays and a machine to cover these trays with plastic before they were distributed.

“This allowed us to transport meals to homes by school bus several days per week during the spring when students were not in school,” Mason said. “We have continued to use these trays and seals for COVID purposes, but they also allow students to more easily transport their meals to classrooms and outside eating spaces without spilling their food.”

According to the superintendent, this method is especially beneficial for younger students who may have difficulty transporting their meals without these trays and covers.

“Meals are prepared daily for all students and placed into the trays before they are covered,” Mason said. “And a big thank you goes out to our foodservice employees for the hard work and dedication that they have demonstrated, and continue to demonstrate, throughout this pandemic.”