Working to make Keysville a better community

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, July 7, 2021

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Three years ago, Steven Morris, a Nottoway County native, decided to run for Keysville Mayor and won.

The owner of Get Salty LLC moved to Keysville in 2013, making the town his home and locating his business there.

Steven Morris

Over the years, under his leadership, the Town of Keysville has overcome water issues, held several festivals and events, and Morris is continuing to work to make the town a better place for its citizens and business owners.

“The town during my first term and now into my second could not afford a town manager, so I have taken on that now as well,” Morris said.

Oftentimes you can see Morris out cutting the grass around town and working to keep the area clean.

“This is a wonderful little town with incredible people and well worth the time put in,” Morris said.”

From water quality improvements to well projects, economic development zones, historical districting, cleaning up and upgrading parks to new housing being built, the town has undergone many changes in the past three years.

Now into his second term as mayor, Morris says there may be a third term.

“There is still lots to accomplish,” Morris said, “Never a dull moment here.”

Morris gives credit to his father and the lessons he learned from him while growing up. He says those valuable lessons have taught him to give back to his community to make the town a better place for all.