Fore seeks reelection

Published 6:00 am Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Charlotte County Board of Supervisor Donna Fore, who represents the Phenix/Aspen District, announced Monday, April 19, that she would seek reelection for a second term.

“I think there’s still a lot to be done,” Fore said, “I think there’s still a lot of things that need to be tackled … We still need to do something about bringing businesses into the county.”

Donna Fore

Fore said one of her biggest priorities is working to bring broadband to the county.

“We took a baby step this year, and we did field WiFi hotspots across the county,” Fore said, “It’s not a big improvement with broadband, but it is a place for people to go.”

Currently, the county is in talks with Riverstreet Networks to bring broadband to the county, but Fore says that will take some time, and she hopes to work to build a bridge that will help citizens obtain internet in the meantime.

“We have to explore other options,” Fore said, “I know our county administrator Mr. (Dan) Witt has been in dialogue with other providers of broadband to see if there’s some way to get some, some interim solution so we have something now that we can bridge until the River Street options are coming about.”

Four years ago, when Fore first sought public office, she said she felt like there needed to be a change in county government and more transparency, and she plans to continue that if elected.

“The first time I ran, I felt like we needed a change,” Fore said. “There had been so many issues going on in the county, and I felt like someone needed to have another voice, you know, another viewpoint.”

Fore pointed out that although she represents the Phenix/Aspen District she will be a voice for all citizens.

“We’re there to serve the public, not ourselves or any special interest group,” Fore said, “I always remember that the back of my mind, anytime I’m doing anything, I’m there for that person who’s not sitting in the room that night, but needs someone to give them some voice, that’s always in my mind, what would that person do, what would my neighbor think about this issue? How would it affect them? that how I make most of my decisions.”

When it comes to the taxpayers’ funds, Fore says she is a fiscal conservative, and the county must be held accountable.

“I will never spend a dollar without thinking of the impact it will have on the average taxpayer,” Fore said. “I don’t want the money being misspent.”

According to the supervisor, her military career has given her the experience she needs to lead and therefore continue to represent the citizens of the county.

“I take my job very, very seriously,” Fore said, “It’s a heavy responsibility. I don’t neglect it. I don’t walk away from it, and I’m there to tackle the issues.”

Fore will have opposition this November for the Phenix/Aspen seat as Walt Bailey, a lifelong Phenix resident and chief of the Phenix Volunteer Fire Department, has filed to run for supervisor.