Bomb threats made at CMS

Published 10:00 am Thursday, October 17, 2019

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Charlotte County Public Schools superintendent, Robbie Mason, confirmed on Monday that two separate notes indicating bomb threats were made at Central Middle School (CMS) on Thursday, Oct. 10, and Friday, Oct. 11.

In an email to The Charlotte Gazette, Mason wrote, “Thursday’s threat was found written on a wall in a bathroom stall at the end of the day. Friday’s threat was found written on a classroom table. It has not been determined what student/s made either threat, but the school is still investigating the incidents.”

Mason says that parents were notified by the School Messenger system after the threats were found and again after the building had been cleared.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department and Virginia State Police responded to the incident. According to Mason, the area was swept by a State Police bomb-detecting canine and found safe.
Mason said that both threats were found to be student pranks.

“These are the most frustrating type of student disruptions because of the unnecessary burden on law enforcement,” said Mason. “While we have been able to limit classroom disruptions caused by this behavior, there is still a considerable impact on students.”

According to Mason, students responsible for such threats could be subject to long-term suspensions up to a yearlong expulsion, legal action, and a no-trespass order from school grounds.