New sidewalk project is set

Published 11:38 am Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) completed Charlotte Court House’s new sidewalk along Route 40 leading to the Dollar General in late October, according to Charlotte Court House Town Clerk Karen Price.

The town now awaits another new sidewalk project to begin — a 2,100-foot walkway along Evergreen Road leading to Randolph-Henry High School.

“We have seen a lot of people taking advantage of the new sidewalk,” said Price. “It was a great thing VDOT did for us,” she said of the Route 40 project.

Price said VDOT is expected to fund the construction of the Evergreen sidewalk as well. Plans for the project are in progress.

“I have been trading information with them as asked for,” said Price, adding she believed the project was set in stone.

According to Price, the need for a sidewalk along Evergreen Road arose because of “a high volume of pedestrian traffic,” due to the location of the high school.

In the meantime, the town is waiting for repairs on the Route 40 sidewalk after a water leak in mid-November required the town to fix a water main section beneath it. Price said VDOT is expected to pay for the sidewalk repair.

The Route 40 sidewalk cost about $668,476, according to Price. The total doesn’t include the pending repairs.