Woman’s Club helps others

Published 12:48 pm Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Charlotte County’s Woman’s Club is giving back to the community, one service hour at a time. The club, founded six years ago, is currently made up of 12 members.

One of the members, Gwen Hamlet, said the club is successful because of the participation of the women involved and because it is part of a larger district, state and national organization.

The General Federation of Woman’s Club (GFWC) is the larger national organization, but each state has its own representation and with the states are district and local memberships.

Charlotte County’s club is a member of the Alice Kyle District, one of eight districts in Virginia. Hamlet presides over the district as president.

In the county, the club’s president and presiding officer is Brenda Haskins, a resident of Charlotte Court House.

“We are dedicated to motivating adults and children of all backgrounds and abilities to strive toward greater creativity and understanding of themselves,” Haskins said.

Each year, the state organization supports a charity and local clubs can participate in supporting the project. During the last two years, Charlotte County’s club contributed money to breast cancer awareness, said Hamlet.

This year, GFWC is fighting to end hunger. Charlotte County’s Woman’s Club is participating in the fight.

Next month, Hamlet said, members of the club will begin fighting hunger by bringing items for the food pantry to their meeting. A speaker will also attend the meeting to discuss the operation behind the source of the food supply for the “Hunger for the Homeless” program.

“One month we will hear from the director at Madeline’s House and give a ‘Paper Shower’ for Madeline’s House,” she said.

For Valentine’s Day in February, the group will go to Wayland Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and play bingo with the residents. “We have found they love to win bingo and get the quarters we give as the prize,” said Hamlet.

The club will also be contributing to the Backpack Project, which takes place in the Charlotte County school division.

According to Hamlet, the club supports the Hugh O’Brian Youth (HOBY) Foundation and Program. Charlotte County students can apply each year to attend the HOBY summer camp. She said while the club does not sponsor one child completely, it does contribute to the scholarship given each year.

Hamlet said one member told her, “There are so many things I want to do to help someone else, but never make the time. With the club, I can join with others and feel like I am doing something good for someone else.”

Hamlet added, “As one snowflake, we easily melt away, but altogether it takes a bulldozer to move us.”

The GFWC Charlotte County Woman’s Club meets on the second Tuesday of the month. They usually meet at the Central Middle School library at 6 p.m.

GFWC believes in hands-on tangible projects that cause immediate impact. The group has more than 100,000 members in more than12 countries, making global impacts, one service activity at a time. According to the GFWC website, the organization dates back 125 years.