The Word: Don’t make Mother’s Day a one-time thing

Published 12:00 pm Friday, May 10, 2024

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I read a story recently about a young child, around 10 years old, who came over to his neighbors house asking for help. The help this little boy needed was in making homemade cookies to give his mom for her birthday (Aweeeeee! I know, right?!?!?!). This young boy went next door asking his neighbor to help make these cookies for his mom and said she (the neighbor) made the best cookies and he wanted to give his mom nothing but the best (Again… Aweeeeee! Right?!?!?!). The neighbor shared this story on social media saying, “you better believe I just spent 3 hours baking and decorating cookies with him lol he’s so sweet.” 

That’s totally adorable, ain’t it?! Who’d dream of turning down such a loving idea? I start off this weeks devo with this story as a reminder that Mothers Day is this coming Sunday. Did you know Mothers Day is the busiest day of the year for restaurants? Last year alone (2023) $35.7 million was spent on Mothers Day. 122 Million phone calls were made last year for Mothers Day. 23 million flowers sold last year for Mothers Day, and all these figures are for the US alone (compliments of 

Although we have been celebrating Mothers Day since Woodrow Wilson put it into place in 1914, the ancient Greeks held spring festivals to honor mothers. While cards are still the #1 gift (homemade ones are bestest!), the best gift given is appreciation and rest. Take those family pictures for her and even give a legit smile. Call her…don’t text…and say “Happy Mothers Day! I love and appreciate you so much!”. Did you know that one-fourth of the years floral purchase are made on Mothers Day?! If you don’t feel like buying them…Pick those wild flowers and put them in jar or a cup with some water. Last years $35.7million spent mentioned a little while ago is guesstimated to be blown out of the water by an estimated $28.1billion this year ( Shewee! 

Here’s the thing…Don’t celebrate Mothers Day just Sunday because the media, society, businesses say you have too. Celebrate these ladies day in and day out. Everyday, do something to show how much you need them. Random letters or texts, sticky notes on the computer or steering wheel saying “you complete me” or “thank you just for being you”, their favorite candy… that neighbors cookies. Celebrate the ladies in your life more than just this Sunday. The best gift is you living like they really do complete you. Give them the best year round. Find, like I did, a Song of Songs 4:7 woman. Be the gift she deserves. 

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at