Dr. Dunn, you left us too soon

Published 3:59 pm Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Last week, many Charlotte County residents heard the news of Dr. J. Wayland Dunn’s death. For anyone who knew him or was a patient of his, your heart was saddened and it hurt knowing the man who strived to help anyone he could was actually gone.

When I was growing up, Dr. Dunn was my family doctor. I loved doctor’s visits because I knew that Dr. Dunn would be waiting for me with a new joke and every flavor of lollipops a kid could imagine.

Dr. Dunn made you laugh even if you felt like you were so sick you were dying. He called to check up on you, he supported you and he made you feel like you were family.

I will never forget his smile when I walked through his office doors. I will never forget knowing that my doctor was truly the best around. And, I will never forget how he gave me stitches during a snowstorm in my sixth-grade year of middle school.

I lived next to my grandparents, Lewis and Peggy Davis, growing up and it was no rarity that I would go see Grandma and Papa after school and walk home when supper was almost ready.

One winter night, my brother, Tim, and I were heading home because it was about time to eat and the weather had started to get bad.

There was already snow on the ground, but little did we know it had turned into ice and everything was slick outside. Of course, I fell.

It didn’t hurt, surprisingly. I thought everything was fine. I was a tad embarrassed and continued walking home. But, my brother freaked out when he saw my face covered in blood and cut open in various places. I remember him saying, “Don’t go inside,” as he knew my mom would probably have an anxiety attack when she saw me.

I proceeded, knowing that if it was that bad, I needed help.

She also freaked out when she saw me and when she realized that the roads were too icy to make it all the way to Lynchburg or Farmville hospitals.

She called the man she knew she could count on: Dr. Dunn.

After slowly driving to make it to Charlotte Court House after dark and while it was getting late into the night, Dr. Dunn met us there and cleaned up my face. He gave me stitches in two places above my lip. I remember crying until I got there and tried to get myself together for Dr. Dunn. I was scared about the cuts on my face, but he fixed it.

To this day, I won’t forget the willingness to help and passion that Dr. Dunn had for his patients. He was a great man. He was the best doctor. He will be missed.

Hannah Davis is the editor of The Charlotte Gazette. She can be reached at hannah.davis@thecharlottegazette.com.