Make your voice heard

Published 1:19 pm Friday, October 9, 2015

About a month ago, you might have read about our paper wanting columnists to write for the opinion section … Well, we still want you.

We have been blessed to have a wonderful devotional columnist, Adam Blosser, volunteer time to write articles for the community to read.

Now we are looking for more columnists to write about different subjects.

Writing a weekly or twice-a-month column for our paper could benefit many people in various ways.

Not only could you voice your opinions on local issues, but you could also write about different subjects that residents in our area would like to know about. That could range from gardening or cooking tips to educational columns about our school systems or devotional articles.

As a columnist, you could become a leader in the community that people look to for advice and knowledge on whatever you choose to opine about.

If you were to write about cooking, people might come to know you as the “Recipe Master” and look to you for special dinner ideas.

If you wanted to write about school suggestions and at-home student tips, you might help another parent get through a tough issue they have with their children.

You never know what joy your writing could bring someone. You could write a humor column and brighten someone’s day that wasn’t going so well.

Have a few great ideas about an issue in the community and suggestions of how it could work smoother? Why not let your voice be heard and write about it in a column?

Most likely, you will have other community members sharing your same views and wanting to read more of what you have to offer on the subject.

This is your chance to be a member of Charlotte County that offers tips and advice to the community just because you enjoy doing so.

Why not give it a try and see if our readers like your articles?

To submit columns for possible print or to discuss becoming a columnist, please email me at the address below or call (434) 392-3138.

Hannah Davis is the editor of The Charlotte Gazette. She can be reached at