You’ve got mail

Published 2:25 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Recently, we have been receiving a lot of calls about our newspaper not being delivered to our customers or coming to customers weeks after the paper has already come out.

This is an issue that I want you, as readers, to know that we are looking into. So, here are a few tips and procedures to look into if you aren’t receiving your paper or getting it weeks and weeks later.

First off, let us know.

We won’t know about issues like this unless you tell us. Call us at (434) 696-5550 and tell us your name and address, so we can figure out if something is wrong in our system relating to your subscription.

It could be that we have received your subscription renewal in the mail and put it into our system after the most recent paper was printed.

In that case, remember that it takes time for the renewal to come through the mail. So, give us time and if concerned don’t hesitate to call to see if we received it.

If we cannot find an issue on our end, the next step is contacting your local post office. Again, they might not know about you not receiving your paper until you inform them of the issue.

HANNAH DAVIS is the Editor of The Charlotte Gazette. She can be reached at