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Letter to the Editor: Tanyard Spring Sale

Dear Editor, The Gazette’s articles of May 8 and 22 did not tell the full story on the ...

Bible Following Our Father


James Cameron Bailey: Sometimes, we hold on too long

How many contacts do you have in your cell phone? If you’re anything like me…a bunch. Last month ...

boys of fall Tigers


FOOTBALL PREVIEW: Paying tribute to ‘the boys of fall’

We played on grass, mud or whatever was available. If the only option was the concrete parking lot, ...


Judy Moore: Can we talk, Mr. Langston?

If it were possible, I would ask John Mercer Langston if his life as a free mixed-raced-black, white ...



Judy Moore: Let’s talk about Jigonhsasee, the Mother of Nations

Romans 12:18 of the King James Bible says “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, ...


Opinion — Redistricting update

There has been much conversation about redistricting in the last several months. This should be brought to a ...

John Day Jr.


Judy Moore: Who was John Day Jr.? A look at a founder of Liberia

What if you were a people who were brought to this country, through no fault of your own, ...


Opinion — A champion reformer for mental health

We have begun to erase the stigma in this country about mental illness. It should have never been ...


Opinion — In service to her community

You learn something everyday, especially when you are studying history. What you thought you knew is changed due ...


OPINION — Crossroads board needs the right people now

During this time when the Crossroads Community Service Board is searching for an executive director, it would be ...

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