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COLUMN — Medicare-X would provide low-cost health insurance for all

On Jan. 15, 1940, the Richmond Times-Dispatch ran a quarter-page photo of a professionally dressed, bespectacled man signing some seemingly unceremonious clerical papers. Such a ... Read more

8 hours ago by Guest Columnist.

Column – Death rates for virus are very low

We have been inundated with data about the Coronavirus since March.  The news media has covered the issue relentlessly for more than five months, giving ... Read more

3 days ago by Frank Ruff.

Remote learning is the right decision

Area school officials are making the right decision by moving to online classes for the fall. As sad as it is to think there will ... Read more

4 days ago by Roger Watson.

COLUMN — Child care funding requested

As Virginia continues to reopen we need to make sure our children are cared for safely.  Earlier this week I sent a letter to Speaker ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Denver Riggleman.

Column – Law enforcement curriculum to be examined

In recent months, our nation has struggled with its responses to two diseases, COVID-19 and racism. One stems from a viral threat, and the other ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Guest Columnist.

School plan comes with many challenges

Business is not the only thing that has changed this year because of the COVID-19 issues. In mid-March, Gov. Ralph Northam made the decision to ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Frank Ruff.

COLUMN — Masks follow same rules as underwear

As we have witnessed, wearing facial coverings during this time of pandemic has done wonders for our communities. Area residents have, for the most part, ... Read more

4 weeks ago by Alexa Massey.

My visit to the medical clinic

My recent trip to Centra Medical Group to  address some non-COVID-19 symptoms I’ve been experiencing lately ended up being a fascinating experience. First of all, ... Read more

3 months ago by Titus Mohler.

Falling down the rabbit hole

If I’m not working, sleeping, cooking or dancing, chances are I’m watching videos on YouTube. The video-sharing platform is home to millions of unique content ... Read more

3 months ago by Alexa Massey.

What happens when we get out of isolation?

As we begin to see a glimmer of light at the end of the dark tunnel of this pandemic, I’m beginning to wonder what life ... Read more

4 months ago by Roger Watson.

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