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The Word: It’s a time to love strong

I read this hilarious quote from an unknown source last week: “When a child says ‘daddy, I want ...


The Word: Of which voices are you listening?

For a while now, my family has been trying to convince me that I have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ...

Dune Part Two review


Movie Review: Dune Part Two

I won’t be the first or last person to say DUNE: PART TWO joins the pantheon of elite ...


The Word: Let’s be honest

How are you doing? Don’t give the typical “I’m fine” answer. Be honest. Be real. How are you ...

The Regime review


TV Review: Regime

My loves, you are in for such a treat with HBO’s newest satirical political miniseries THE REGIME, starring ...


The Word: Something to learn about

What would you do if your daughter came home with a young man you had never met and ...


Not Silly Anymore

An orthopedic surgeon had several cases scheduled on a busy OR day. He saw each patient in the ...

Dr. Witherspoon


Dr. Witherspoon: Get it right

One must remain on the cutting edge. There was a new technique available for removing the gallbladder. They ...


The Word: The difference between religion and Christianity

I think I blew a man’s mind recently. While meeting his family to bring some peace into a ...


The Word: Denied, denied and denied again

The book Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby was first released in 1990 and has been made into Bible ...

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