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West Point Stevens


New business coming to town

A warehouse that has sat empty for years is now getting new life breathed into it all the ...

Keysville roundabout


Keysville roundabout detour causing problems? Blame Google.

To say some Charlotte County residents are annoyed would be an understatement. As work continues on the Keysville ...

Charlotte County's solar control solar projects


Supervisors green light more Charlotte County solar projects

Despite pushback and disapproval from neighbors and citizens during a public hearing on Feb. 14, the Board of ...


Lee to retire, EMPOWER names new CEO

EMPOWER Broadband announced on Monday that CEO John C. Lee Jr. plans to retire as of June 30, ...

Amish cheese shop Country Corner Dairy


Country Corner Dairy says the recall problem’s been fixed

One week later, Country Corner Dairy officials say the problem’s been dealt with. Last week, the Cullen operation ...

Charlotte County's solar control solar projects


Who decides? State bill would strip Charlotte County’s solar control

Solar projects have been controversial in this area for a while. Now a bill filed in this General ...

Charlotte County farms


Charlotte County farms see their project expand through Southside

What began as a vision five years ago has blossomed into a force of change for Charlotte County ...

Piedmont Habitat for Humanity


Piedmont Habitat closer to start for Charlotte County project

The good news is that Piedmont Habitat for Humanity is one step closer to starting construction on their ...

Charlotte County tourism


Numbers Climb: Charlotte County tourism spending grows

The good news is that Charlotte County saw tourism revenue increase in 2022. The bad news is that ...

Oliver Anthony Rich Men North of Richmond


‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ singer receives Billboard nominations

The numbers keep going up and now the award nominations are starting to come in. Oliver Anthony was ...

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