Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office investigates airsoft shootings

Published 9:40 am Monday, June 3, 2024

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Airsoft guns may look like toys. They may be found in the toy section online or in the store, but they’re also dangerous if used incorrectly. They can cause serious injuries to people and lead to criminal charges. That’s the message the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office wants to get out, after a series of airsoft shootings in the area. 

Sheriff Randy Grissom put out a statement on Sunday, June 2, saying his office was investigating an incident “where juveniles intentionally shot people with airsoft style weapons.” And this isn’t the first time the Sheriff’s Office has been asked to deal with an airsoft gun situation. 

“This incident and others we have received calls on are very dangerous, not only to the victims but to the person carrying or displaying these types of ‘toys’ in public,” Grissom said. “These weapons are often realistic replicas of actual firearms. They shoot plastic ‘bb’ style projectiles and can cause very severe injuries if a person is struck in the eyes, ears, etc.” 

BB guns and similar airsoft weapons have been a problem in recent years with neighboring counties. In Farmville, airsoft guns have been used in attempted robberies, while one person in Buckingham County tried to use a similar gun and ended up on trial for allegedly maliciously wounding a family member. 

Just like in those airsoft shootings, Grissom pointed out in his statement that criminal charges could be brought in the most recent cases. Just because we’re talking about toy guns, that doesn’t mean people can permanently avoid charges. And that applies even if we’re talking about recently graduated residents. 

“The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is committed to keeping the public safe and aware of situations in and around Charlotte County,” Grissom said. “Please be aware of how dangerous these situations can become.”