‘The Sky is the Limit’ for Eureka

Published 3:29 pm Friday, April 26, 2024

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Every year the students in Charlotte County Public Schools are involved in some type of activity with the “CASHE” program (Connecting All Students to Higher Education). The third graders at Eureka Elementary took part last month in a program featuring the father of two of the school’s students. John Fallen, father of Luke and Levi Fallen, was a guest speaker at the school, explaining what he does for Duke Life Flight as a flight paramedic. 

Dressed in uniform with tools and equipment, he shared his work experiences using a PowerPoint presentation. He went into detail about the education and training required for this job. The students were amazed to learn that these special helicopters are like small hospitals in the air. 

“Thank goodness for people like Mr. Fallen who have chosen such life-saving careers,” said Brenda Haskins. She works as Lab and Technology Manager at the school. “The third graders at Eureka now realize that with hard work and dedication, the sky really is the limit to what one can accomplish.”