The Word: Of which voices are you listening?

Published 4:44 pm Thursday, March 28, 2024

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For a while now, my family has been trying to convince me that I have Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (A.D.H.D.). I’ll admit…I have several of the symptoms, like fidgeting, repetition of words or actions, forgetfulness, difficulty focusing, boredom, anxiety, anger, problems paying attention, absentmindedness, and others. I also have this constant “white noise” like tv static going on and having random conversations in my head. Sound crazy? Maybe. 

My response to all this mess they were talking about and asking was “isn’t that normal?!”. Evidently it’s not. 

We all at times replay conversations in our heads. We all, at times, have voices going over and over and over in our heads where we may even argue with ourselves or have hypothetical conversations. The question for us is…of which voices are we listening to? 

The prophet Elijah had several voices in his head. He had the voices of the false prophets of Baal. He had the voice of the king fussing and complaining. He had the voice Jezebel threatening and inflicting fear in him. He had voices of doubt, fear, anger, anxiety, depression, hunger and more all screaming in his ear and he was about to snap. Then…there was another voice that calmed his storm…The voice of God. In 1 Kings 19 we can read of God sending Elijah to a mountain top and wait for Him. Powerful winds came and tore the mountain apart and even shattered rocks…but God wasn’t in the wind. An earthquake came…but He wasn’t in the earthquake. Fire came a blazing!…but God wasn’t in the fire. Then came a gentle whisper. A soft…small…quiet whisper: “What are you doing here, Elijah?”. This man of God covered his face because he knew…God was in that small, soft, quiet whisper. Moses had a bush, but Elijah got a whisper to give him a true mountain top experience. 

Of all the voices in his head (king, false prophets, Jezebel, tons of emotions)…he needed to be still and listen to that soft voice of God. 

Of which voices are you listening? 

Are you listening to a voice telling you church or worship aren’t important? Are you listening to a voice to skip church and go shop or play? 

Are you listening to the voices of fear, doubt, anger, anxiety, depression, frustrations? 

Are you listening to voices saying you aren’t good enough, smart/cute/cool enough? 

Of which voices are you listening? Listen to The Voice that matters. 

Of all the voices…He’s the only One of which you should be listening. “Speak, 

Lord, for Your servant is listening.” -Samuel (1 Samuel 3:10). 

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at