Eureka students earn reward

Published 11:02 am Wednesday, March 6, 2024

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Every nine weeks, Eureka recognizes its honor roll students with a certificate and a small token, such as a Capri Sun and a bag of chips, to congratulate them for their academic achievement. This year, Eureka staff decided to do something in addition to this small recognition. During the first and second nine weeks of this school year, 90 students made the principal’s list or honor roll. These ninety students were all invited to participate in a field trip to Hampden-Sydney College, where they watched the Tigers take on Randolph College in basketball. 

Due to various conflicts, all eligible students could not attend the game. Even with conflicts, around fifty students were able to attend. In addition, a number of students had family members attend the game with them. Since many of Hampden-Sydney’s students were not in attendance at the game, the Eureka students and their families were allowed to hold the cardboard cutouts and signs that the Hampden-Sydney College student section usually holds. 

Overall, Eureka staff said they felt the trip was a tremendous success. Students and families had an enjoyable time at the game as they watched Hampden-Sydney College defeat Randolph College 78 – 68. The students were able to visit the concession stand, see a live sporting event, and enjoy dancing to music during the timeouts. The students have been incredibly positive in their feedback about the trip. This is something that Eureka staff hope to do again in the future.