The Word: ‘How do you know I’m not God or Jesus?’

Published 5:00 pm Friday, February 16, 2024

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This question was posed to me during a visit into a home desiring a chaplain. A gentleman welcomed me to pray with and for his family. Before being allowed into the home, however, this gentleman wanted to have a conversation. I respected this. I admired his protection of his family in making sure I wasn’t some quack religious nut who was gonna spread false information, making sure I wasn’t some false teacher of which the Bible warns, in making sure I was “the real thing”. 

“Sir”, he began, “before I allow you inside our home to pray over my family or do anything at all…I have just one biblical question for you and I need to see your face when you answer. Is that ok with you?” (Absolutely!) “I have asked several people from coworkers to people who claim to be followers of God this one question and no one ever seems to be able to answer me immediately. My one question is this: How do you know I’m not God or Jesus?” Silence fell for just a few seconds into the room as this gentleman and I looked into each other’s eyes with grins on both our faces. My response? “Well, I know Jesus…and you ain’t Him.” My man busted out in laughter and started clapping his hands. I passed his test and am allowed into the home any time I desire to read scripture and pray for his family during the storm in this valley of life they’re traveling. 

I actually appreciated this question. His point was explained later on, that too many people he has met claim to be followers of Jesus but they don’t know Him. They go to church. They sing the songs in their car. They can quote nice verses of scripture. They know the motions of being “churchy” but they don’t truly know who Jesus is. They are simply familiar with Him. The intimacy and closeness and trust and adoration is missing. They know details. They know stories. They know what they’ve been told….but they aren’t living in Him enough to truly know who Jesus was. Sadly, if Jesus walked into most of our churches or homes he’d probably get ignored or gossiped about instead of embraced and loved. Grab your Bible and read John 17. Jesus prays for himself, his disciples, and then He prays for us and all believers. “Know” or “known” is used 5x in verses 25 and 26 alone (NIV). God desires we know Him…not just be acquaintances. Do you have life changing knowledge of who Jesus is? I’d love to help if you don’t! 

Rev. J. Cameron Bailey is pastor of Kenbridge Christian Church. He can be reached at