Randolph-Henry teacher earns state award

Published 1:20 pm Wednesday, February 14, 2024

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Randolph-Henry High teacher Ann Franklin was honored this past week, as she received an award from a state organization. The Virginia Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Association (VRCEA) gave her the 2023 Spirit Award for what they labeled as her “exceptional contributions to the field of Rehabilitation Counseling and Education.” Franklin works as a GED teacher and transitions coordinator at the school. 

The VRCEA annually bestows the Spirit Award upon an outstanding Rehabilitation Counselor or Educator, highlighting the person’s dedication and exemplary work in the field. This accolade is reserved for professionals who exhibit a commitment to advancing rehabilitation counseling and education, promoting ethical practice, enhancing public understanding of the role of rehabilitation counseling, and developing innovative programs and services for individuals with disabilities.

“Mrs. Franklin, with a wealth of experience and expertise, has proven herself to be an embodiment of these characteristics,” said Randolph-Henry Principal Erin Davis. “As a dedicated teacher and mentor in the alternative education and GED building at Randolph-Henry High School, she has cultivated strong, supportive relationships with students, tirelessly working to eliminate any barriers to their success. Her commitment to the profession and genuine care for students has not gone unnoticed. Colleagues and students alike acknowledge Mrs. Franklin’s unparalleled investment of love and care, making her an integral and cherished member of the school community. Randolph-Henry High School is proud to have Mrs. Ann Franklin on its staff, and her receipt of the VRCEA Spirit Award is a testament to her unwavering commitment to the betterment of rehabilitation counseling and education.”