‘We can do better than Good’, McGuire says

Published 8:30 am Friday, November 24, 2023

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John McGuire

John McGuire

“We can do better than Good”, John McGuire wrote on Wednesday, Nov. 15. The newly re-elected 10th District representative to the Virginia State Senate, McGuire declared he’s aiming for a higher office, one that includes Charlotte County. 

In the statement, McGuire detailed three ways he feels “we can save this great country”. The first is to get President Donald Trump back in the White House. The second is to unify the Republican Party behind Trump. The third is to “deliver results for the American people.” 

In his statement, McGuire argued that Virginia’s 5th District Congressman Bob Good “has betrayed these goals by betraying Trump. On the day our president was wrongly indicted, Bob abandoned Trump by endorsing another candidate.” 

He’s referring to the fact that Good has endorsed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the best option to be the next Republican candidate for president. 

“We don’t have time for politicians who are more focused on personal vanity than on We the People, we don’t have time for toxic infighting that cripples our party and country, and we don’t have time for do-nothing politicians,” McGuire wrote. “I appreciate anyone who wants to serve in office, but our current Congressman has failed us time and time again. He’s more focused on getting on the news and serving himself than on serving the people.” 

Giving examples, McGuire said that Good “voted for Kevin McCarthy to be Speaker, then threw a temper tantrum, reversed himself, and allowed the party to fall into chaos, costing us the 2023 elections.” 

He also blamed Good for Republicans losing control of the House of Delegates in Virginia, saying they’re “working to clean up the mess our Congressman created by his chaos-causing temper tantrum, costing us the majority here in Virginia.” 


When contacted by the Gazette, Congressman Good’s staff said they did not have a statement at this time. Instead, the first statement in opposition came from McGuire’s own Goochland County Republican Committee. The group voted and issued a resolution of no confidence in the newly elected lawmaker. 

“John McGuire was elected to serve Virginia State Senate District 10 with the promise to fulfill his term,” the Goochland statement reads. “It has become evident that John McGuire’s convention race was characterized by his personal ambitions and not by a desire to improve the welfare of the people he was elected to represent. John McGuire has failed to honor his commitment and has broken his promise, thereby undermining the trust placed in him by the electorate.” 

The Goochland statement is referring to the Republican convention back in June. By an overwhelming majority, Republicans in State Senate District 10 made McGuire the District 10 party nominee back. In a field of four Republicans, McGuire took 63% of the vote. 

If you’re wondering what District 10 is, well, that’s because it’s brand new. Drawn up as part of the latest round of redistricting, it covers at least parts of 11 counties. That includes portions of Hanover, Louisa, Prince Edward and Henrico counties, to go with all of Buckingham, Cumberland, Amelia, Appomattox, Fluvanna, Goochland and Powhatan. Residents in those counties then went to the polls on Nov. 7 and elected him to office. 


But now, less than a month later, McGuire wants to represent Charlotte and the rest of Southside. Prior to running for State Senate, the former Navy SEAL served in Virginia’s House of Delegates, representing District 56. In Wednesday’s statement, McGuire said since winning the nomination back in June, he’s been asked repeatedly to challenge Good. 

“I’m answering the call,” McGuire said, adding that he also felt it was important to have someone in Good’s seat who treated residents well. 

“One of the primary concerns I hear from people in the 5th Congressional District is how our current Congressman treats them personally,” McGuire wrote. “We The People are not interested in having someone represent us who yells at grandmothers to try and intimidate them. There is no honor in that behavior and those who keep giving him a pass are complicit. How can Republicans build a majority and win when you treat fellow Republicans or anyone that way? I will do what I must.”