Letter to the Editor: Circuit Court Clerk is a critical position

Published 11:18 am Thursday, October 19, 2023

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Dear Editor,

One of the most important (and most overlooked) elected positions in local government is that of Circuit Court Clerk. It can fairly be said that the legal system in each county and city in Virginia largely runs through the hands of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. From keeping and maintaining all of the land records of the county to walking grieving families through the probate process to handling marriage licenses, filings in court cases and a host of other responsibilities, a Circuit Court Clerk plays a role in many of the events that we all consider to be among the most important parts of our lives. It is therefore important to all of us that our Clerk be experienced and efficient in ensuring that our business affairs are handled promptly and attentively.

As attorneys practicing law in Charlotte County and the rest of Southside Virginia, we have an opportunity every single day to work with Circuit Court Clerks. In our experience, there are none more attentive, more dedicated and more experienced than Annette Clowdis. Annette has dedicated her entire lifetime to working for the citizens of Charlotte County as an Assistant Clerk and as a Deputy Clerk in the Charlotte County Circuit Clerk’s Office. Few candidates for elected office could ever claim to have the experience that Annette brings to the table. The value of that experience and dedication is immeasurable to those who reside in Charlotte County and to those who work in the court system.

Believing that her lifetime experience and dedication to public service should not be overlooked, we ask that you please consider casting your vote for Annette Clowdis for Circuit Court Clerk.


Gary Elder & David Watkins

Elder, Watkins, Friedman & Allen, P.C