Letter to the Editor: You get what you dwell on

Published 1:41 pm Thursday, September 7, 2023

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Dear Editor,

You get what your thoughts dwell on. There is no other main rule.

The ageless message must be hammered home, time and time again, generation after generation, repeated until it hits home.

Most people go through life expecting, hoping, to accomplish set goals thus achieving a higher standard of living, ideally speaking. What allows some to realize their goals and what prevents others from finding their goals?

There is one thing, and one thing only, that is the main key element to success in life and it all begins with beliefs; the formation of personal, bedrock beliefs. If you happen to believe in positive, fulfilling ideas that you can succeed, that you will have abundance, for example, then you will find a path and accomplish what it is that you set out for.

Or, on the other hand, adopting a negative, pessimistic attitude toward your future possibilities is a faulty belief that will undoubtedly prevent you from realizing and actualizing your goals. Failure. Only you can defeat yourself.

It’s that simple, not complicated, definitely not rocket science. Yes, your personally-held beliefs, in actuality, control and form your future leading directly to your reality creation for you attract and get what you believe in, you get what your thoughts dwell upon, and this is the main rule governing life on earth; the learning and education plane, the physical field of possibilities that awaits each and every person.

Your future lies wholly in your hands and in your beliefs. What’s more, you and only you, are fully responsible for the reality that you create. You are responsible for the content of your thoughts, and until this main rule of life is realized, adopted and applied, humankind learns little.

Ronald H. Card