Frank Ruff Jr.: Where is Elliott Ness when we need him?

Published 12:00 pm Friday, June 16, 2023

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Frank RuffFor those of us that grew up in the 60s and 70s, the Untouchables television series with Elliott Ness was a must-see show. Those were the days when the FBI focused on fighting corruption. We knew that they were going to arrest those who made a fortune by breaking the law.

During my years in college, several of my friends were focused on either law school or majoring in Finance for a CPA. They had been inspired, at least in part, by Elliott Ness and company. To become an FBI agent, that was the path. They only hired those who had proven themselves.

In those days, the FBI and Justice Department only saw things in black and white, what is right and what is wrong. By auditing the books, they could determine if and how financial crimes had been committed. Tax evasion was how the FBI brought down Al Capone, not for the multiple murders he committed. Since then, things must have changed.

Today, the FBI is ignoring the law, reacting only to the Attorney General who is appointed by the President. Despite swearing to uphold the Constitution, this Attorney General has chosen to follow blind obedience to the President rather than the Constitution and lawfully passed legislation.


Hunter Biden, the President’s son, has done many questionable things that have been concealed from the public. News stories abound of his questionable activities with no effort to offer the American people an explanation. People want to know why foreign governments and businesses have given millions of dollars to him and family members.

Likewise, who is buying his middle school quality art and at what price? The stories are that some are paying up to half a million dollars per painting. Yet no one knows who is buying them at what price. Many people wonder if taxes are being collected on this income. Likewise, questions arise about if this is a way that some are buying influence with the President. Shining a light on all of this would help us understand if this is truly poor taste in art or is something expected in return.

Currently, the FBI Director is fighting to block Congress from learning the issues that have been brought to their attention. They want to know if there is even an investigation being done.

Prior to the 2016 presidential election, the FBI was presented with information about a connection between Donald Trump and Russia. Usually, such information would receive extra close scrutiny as the allegations were made during an election campaign. However, upper management at the Bureau not only did not follow that need for extra scrutiny but did an even less serious investigation about the shady information.

Additionally, they leaked it to the news media knowing this would make it seem Trump was guilty. President Trump then was subjected to many congressional hearings