The Word: Know that God is a giver

Published 10:06 am Friday, May 12, 2023

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The WordContinuing our journey with John 3:16, we have come to “that He gave”. God is a giver! So many times, you hear people talk about another person as a taker. We know what that is – a taker is a person who is constantly taking and consuming other people’s money, time, talents, and resources. They have a mentality of getting mine at any cost. The focus is on themselves. And they will use another to get it.

God is very different and totally opposite in character of this mentality. He is a giver! God constantly gives to us, every single day. He set the example. Looking at Genesis, He creates our world where He makes sure it has what it needs to thrive. He gives life and as you move on into the creation of man, He makes sure man is not serving alone and gives him a woman to work with him. And He gives the man to the woman. He gives blessing to their marriage and encourages them to prosper. He gives them family. If you read on, you will see more of how God is a giver.

As a Christ follower, our pinnacle moment in faith is the fact that God gave His son. Without this great gift, we would be totally lost and bound for eternal damnation. We would forever be separated from God. Our future would be hopeless. We would be thrown into hell. Without His gift, we would know torment, torcher, pain, and fear for all eternity. It is important for us to understand and know that God is a giver.

I think many times as believers, we forget the magnitude of this gift. We are so comfortable in our eternal security that we forget how costly God’s gift is to us. We cannot put something like that on lay-a-way, a payment plan, a credit card or search the world over to find another gift of equal value. There is nothing greater or more valuable than this gift that God has given us.

Since the gift is priceless, let us encourage each other to treat it that way. Let us value our salvation so much so that it is reflective and influences every area of our lives: even ourselves, our families, our jobs, our business practices, our connections with neighbors and friends, our money, our time, our talents, and our resources. We can see it has the utmost value and our God, the Giver, should be glorified even more for it!

May we pause to acknowledge that our God is a giver!

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