Escapee’s sister arrested and charged as FBI filings detail plan

Published 7:55 pm Tuesday, May 2, 2023

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FARMVILLE – While the two escapees from Piedmont Regional Jail remain at large, Alder Marin-Sotelo’s sister now faces charges of her own, linked to the case. And after going through the FBI filings in her case, we now have a better idea of what happened and how at least one of the men was able to flee.

On Tuesday, May 2, 31-year-old Adriana Marin-Sotelo was arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate or assist escape. In court filings, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) detailed why the High Point, North Carolina resident was charged and provided more detail into how the escape happened. 

Adriana is the sister of 26-year old Alder Alfonso Marin-Sotelo, one of the two men who escaped from Piedmont on April 30. According to the FBI and court documents, at 1:40 a.m. on Sunday, April 30, Alder is seen on video surveillance cameras climbing over the fence at the jail and escaping. Four hours later, at 5:40 a.m., Alder is again spotted on camera, this time climbing into a red Mustang in the jail parking lot and driving away. 

A look through the FBI filings

After the escape, FBI officials listened to all previous calls Alder made over the last week while in jail. 

Based on those results, the agents also started listening to calls made by a second inmate, who they don’t name in the documents as the investigation is ongoing. On Friday, April 28, this second inmate made two calls to a family member, arranging for the red Mustang, eventually used as the getaway vehicle, to be picked up in High Point, North Carolina. 

During that second call, the inmate allegedly gave Adriana’s name and phone number, saying she had bought the car for $3,000 and was providing a temporary 30-day paper license plate. This family member was supposed to pick up the car from her and then have it in place at the jail by midnight on April 30. Those FBI filings claim it was this family member of the second inmate that dropped off the car in the jail parking lot, in exchange for a fee. 

That fee, the FBI filings and court documents allege, was supposed to be paid by Adriana. On Saturday, April 29 at about 6:04 p.m., the court documents claim Adriana received a call from her brother Alder. He told her to meet the family member of this second inmate. Allegedly, she was to give this person the red Mustang. Then after the escape, she was to pay the person $2,500, the FBI filings allege. 

Right before and after the escape 

The calls continued between all parties involved. On Saturday, April 29, the FBI filings allege that the second inmate and his family member engaged in a video call. During this call, the family member was in the Piedmont Regional Jail parking lot and showed the red Mustang was being left there. 

After Alder climbed the fence and drove away, there was just one problem. Adriana allegedly never gave the $2,500. In the filings, the FBI detail a call on Sunday, April 30 at around 11:10 a.m. between the second inmate and their family member. The family member allegedly says they weren’t able to get in touch with Adriana and never received the money. 

Both the inmate and their family member were then contacted by the FBI on Monday, who had at this point heard all of the conversations. Allegedly, both people confessed their part in the plan, while also pointing the finger at Adriana. 

As a result, on Tuesday, May 2, a criminal complaint against Adriana Marin-Sotelo was filed and a warrant was taken out. She was arrested and charged.