Color Run benefits Eureka Elementary School’s behavior program

Published 8:00 am Friday, March 17, 2023

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Students, parents, teachers, and family friends joined at Eureka Elementary School on Saturday, March 11, to take part in a color run.

The color run, a mile weaved in and out of the soccer field and around the school, was held as a fundraiser for the school’s SOAR behavior program at Eureka.

According to school officials, every nine weeks, students work on showing excellent behavior.

When they do, they are rewarded with incentives. The school does an incentive halfway through every nine weeks and at the end of every nine weeks. Students with excellent behavior all year are rewarded with an extra large incentive.

Funds from the color run pay for all the incentives throughout the year, so students never have to pay for these incentives.

Some incentives Eureka Elementary has done this year are; a dunking booth with other games, winter crafts, nachos, and a game day party.

School officials said at the end of the 4th nine weeks, they hope to have a blow-up obstacle course and snow cones.