The Word: ‘Ask without doubt’

Published 10:00 am Friday, March 10, 2023

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The WordWhen I get physically ill, sometimes it affects me spiritually. My energy is lower, my drive is limited and what I normally do – I do not always do. Yes, I still love God and I am aware that He is with me. I am quieter. Medication routines and resting require time and attention. It is a distraction for me. However, God is not judging me, but I do believe He is waiting for me. For me to turn my attention to him and off myself and my sickness. It is very easy to let ourselves be defined by sickness and disease. Some require more attention than others. For example, a bad sinus infection vs cancer. They are not the same, but they both do require our attention. Please understand I am not suggesting you do not do the protocols that will help you get well – those “good for you” things come from God.

The book of James is filled with much wisdom and “how to” live for Jesus. It is written to a group of saved Jewish people who refuse to make connections with Gentiles (anybody who is not Jewish). The first chapter opens with trials. How we should count it joy when we go through trials. Just like the tides from the ocean that never cease we will always have trials. Verse five tells us “If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.” This is one of our best defenses when we are down and out. Sickness is just one example. The point is to “ask”. For sickness we ask for healing, if trouble at work we can ask for favor or solutions, if problems at home we can ask for assistance…but let us be clear. This is not natural wisdom, natural favor, natural solutions, or natural assistance – we are asking for Divine Wisdom. We are asking for God’s favor, God’s solutions, and God’s assistance!

There will always be trials chipping away at us and demanding our attention, but God has the answer. In fact, verse 6 tells us to “ask without doubt”. That means that we know who our God is and we believe that He will rescue us through his mighty hand and power. Whatever it is – he does know what is best for us. We communicate to God with intentional faith. We give God the glory up front and while we are going through the trial. When face to face the trials will end, but until that day let us hold on with Divine faith.

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