Bacon District Elementary School Honor Roll for Feb. 3, 2023

Published 11:30 am Friday, February 3, 2023

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Bacon District Elementary School has announced its honor roll students for the second nine weeks and the school year.


Principal’s List: Kymber Hylton

Honor Roll: Chase McHenry, Kymber Lee, Colin Kerns, Piper Franicis, Jaslyn White, Jase Van der Weken, Kaylie Mclean, Akayla Majors, Alexis Gayles, Lynnleigh Eastwood, Olivia Dix and Aaron Ashworth.


Honor Roll: Levi Randall, Collin Moorfield, Brooke McKinney, Kiley Kean and Adam Barton.


Principal’s List: AnneMarie Tate and Emmitt Rowley-Clark.

Honor Roll: Averie Ashworth, Vada Eastwood, Keiera Fallen, Alasia Majors, Landon McHenry, Lincoln Rowley-Clark, Emma Yates, Destini Russell, Landon Griles, Nora Gayles and Madison Chapman.