Schools honor Innovative Teachers

Published 1:12 pm Thursday, January 19, 2023

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On Tuesday, Jan. 10, the Charlotte County Public School (CCPS) School Board recognized the Innovative Teachers for the period from August 2022 to November 2022 for each school. Each teacher’s administrator spoke on their great work with their students, colleagues, and community. Each teacher received an appreciation token from Superintendent Dr. Robbie Mason.


Charlotte County Public Schools

Katie Martin

Katie Martin is the Bacon District Innovative Teacher award winner for November. Martin, along with her aid Towanda Joyner, teaches the Early Childhood Special Education class which is designed to work with students with special needs who are from 3 to 5 years old. Students in this class typically experience difficulty in communicating and Martin uses a variety of programs and strategies to foster growth in this area. Martin works with the prekindergarten teacher at Bacon District, Cindy Towery, to provide opportunities for inclusion and reverse inclusion experiences for her students and the other prekindergarten students. These experiences help all of the students to grow socially, emotionally and academically.






Charlotte County Public Schools

Christy Shook

Christy Shook is the Central Middle School (CMS) Innovative Teacher award winner for November. Shook is a seventh grade Math teacher at CMS. She works very hard to find fun and creative ways to teach her content in the classroom. Shook also serves as chairman of the student recognition committee. Throughout the school year she has found exciting ways to recognize our students at CMS, including academics and athletics. During the past month Shook worked many hours with her committee to create a CMS Christmas float. She also found ways to get the students involved in the project. Art students built and painted a car and others created the banners for the sides. The float won second place in the Keysville parade and first place in the Phenix parade. Shook’s hard work and dedication makes her a great recipient of this award.





Charlotte County Public Schools

Meredith Traylor

The recipient of the Eureka Innovative Teacher Award for November is Meredith Traylor. Traylor has always been a student-centered teacher. She works to create a classroom environment that is safe for students, reduces disruptions by helping everyone to remain calm and understanding the established routines and procedures, and allows all students to participate in instruction and learning. To this end, Traylor plays light, soothing music and has different locations in her room where students can find various items to help them to calm down. She takes time to go over classroom routines and procedures early in the year and revisits this throughout the year. Traylor also establishes clear expectations for students behaviorally and academically in class. She takes time to review expectations and directions before students work on an assignment or activity in class. Traylor works to make sure her students’ needs are met so they can focus on learning in the classroom. She takes time to talk with her students about their emotions and feelings to help them work through possible barriers to learning. During instruction, Traylor structures her lessons to build upon prior lessons to help her students to make connections. She also uses similar routines and procedures each week so students know what to expect and how to interact with each other within the classroom environment. To meet all her students’ needs, Traylor incorporates small group instruction into her reading and math instruction. Traylor has willingly volunteered to have others observe her small groups and to go into other classrooms to help teachers to implement their own small groups. She goes above and beyond to help all of our students at Eureka.


Charlotte County Public Schools

Rhonda Poindexter

Congratulations to Rhonda Poindexter, our Phenix Elementary School Innovative Teacher for the month of November. Poindexter is a veteran first-grade teacher. In addition to the excellence with which she approaches her profession, she consistently seeks out new and innovative means of improving her instructional practices. Most recently, she was observed utilizing a series of phonographic games on her Promethean board. The interactive component as well as the high set of expectations she placed on her students was very impressive to observe. For this lesson, and many others, we are happy to recognize her as our Innovative Teacher of the Month.






Charlotte County Public Schools

Samantha Maxey

Randolph-Henry High School would like to recognize Samantha Maxey as the November recipient of the Innovative Teacher Award. Maxey teaches Virginia U.S. History as well as World History at Randolph-Henry High School. Maxey is a highly innovative teacher. She employs interactive notetaking strategies to help her students process important events and vocabulary terms in history class. In addition, she utilizes a great deal of technology in the classroom. Recently, Maxey created an interactive assignment in which students used QR barcodes to study various historical events. She also uses Google Virtual Reality goggles so that her students can travel to different periods of time and better understand the historical events being taught in the classroom. Maxey also engages her students through field trips and guest speakers. In November, her history classes visited the Moton Museum of Farmville, Virginia. We commend Maxey for all of the opportunities that she provides to students in her history classes.