AARP warns of holiday pet scams

Published 3:31 pm Thursday, December 22, 2022

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Who doesn’t want to give their loved ones that perfect holiday postcard moment? Unfortunately, that desire to create a cherished memory of a holiday pet leads many to a scam they won’t soon forget.

AARP officials give three ways you can avoid a pet scam this holiday season.

First, do your research and understand how much a certain breed costs. Don’t trust websites that offer deep discounts on the going rate. Second, use the photo of the pet you are offered to conduct a reverse image search online (search “how to do a reverse image search” in your favorite browser).

Scammers copy pet photos from other websites. Lastly, if you can, shop local. Meeting the breeder in person or touring the facility lets you know it is legitimate. A seller that invents reasons why you can’t pick the pet up in person shouldn’t be trusted. (And consider adopting from a rescue, where many future beloved family members are waiting.)