Letter to the Editor — What’s your official title?

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, September 15, 2022

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Dear Editor,

The brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity is not a monarchy, you see.

The worldometer population clock tells us that there are now, in the fall of 2022, there are eight billion people on earth. And all eight billion, as well as new arrivals, are bestowed, by their very birthright, a title. In fact, all inhabitants mutually share the same title. Cast in terms of physical being and actuality, that title is…(drum roll, please,)…”MHR,” or, Member of the Human Race. And you are instantly coronated at birth with, “MHR.”

So just what does the title of “MHR” have to offer each and every one of us earthlings, no matter who we are, what we do, what we look like, or where we live? The right of “MHR” confers the unique, personal opportunity to create your own reality, done so according to your beliefs, intents, expectations, attitudes, and your desires.

That means, in simple language, learning to use your freely available energy, via the “primary energy force”, or God, if you prefer, to build yourself, along with others doing the same thing, a palace of love, understanding, good will, and most of all, unconditional acceptance of the divine equality of all living things — a world where you are your own symbolic king or queen. Or build something less fulfilling, and, in essence, you come to realize that such titles are merely symbolic representations of life and the creativity that comes with it.

The exterior world that you create springs from the interior world of your thoughts and beliefs, for you must understand that thought energy creates, produces, forms, physical energy in the form of your current, official reality, your SchoolHouse Earth. Your SchoolHouse Earth is a living reflection of your beliefs en masse.

Ronald Card

Charlotte Court House