The Word — Never run dry at the fountain of Christ

Published 11:00 am Sunday, July 10, 2022

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I love it when God just teaches me something new. He gives me what I call “life nuggets” or something that explains it so that I can communicate more effectively when teaching. This past week, I got another example of wonderful teaching in Gods’ word, which happens repeatedly. I see truly how brilliant – God is!

The word says, “These men are not drunken as you suppose.” (Acts 2:25) It was the day of Pentecost. They were filled with the Holy Spirit. In Ephesians we find, “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. And do not get drunk with wine, in which there is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit,” This is brilliant in the sense that God could have used any sin to compare with being filled with the Holy Spirit. He chose drunkenness.

The Lord has provided a fountain that never runs dry for each of those that choose to follow Christ. In John 4 we find, “but whoever drinks of the water that I will give him shall never be thirsty; but the water that I will give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up to eternal life.” Seems explanatory, as Christ followers we drink from his fountain, and we never run dry.

With summer, people are more conscious about their bodies. They are dieting or trying to create healthy habits or getting ready for that lake/beach vacation or staycation days near the pool. Still every heath guru on the planet will tell you to drink water and lots of it, for the purpose of reaching your goals. Water cleanses, helps you stay full and in hot weather it hydrates you.

Our spiritual life needs to stay hydrated. How do we get drunk? We drink. How do we stay drunk? We continue to drink. When a person is an alcoholic, they need to dry out. Get off the wine, beer and liquor. That is how they become sober.

However, with God, we have full permission to drink freely from the fountain of the Holy Spirit. In fact, every day we should be consuming all that God has for us. If not, then we will become Christ followers that are parched, dried up and have no godly excess to share with others. We will just become stagnant or a trickle.

O, if we could be like those disciples at Pentecost. So full of Jesus – our joy overflowing, our love for others overflowing our godly attitudes overflowing, our laughter overflowing so much that others would ask, “What are you drinking? I’ll have some of that!”

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