The Word — Last five of what is not the Gospel

Published 9:45 am Sunday, March 27, 2022

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This past week we explored the first five of What is Not the Gospel: choice, passing information, spiritual gift, duty and competition. Going forward we continue to evaluate sharing the gospel.

As a young girl I was shy, introverted and innocent. I would sit as my mother would style clients hair and listen to elders share their life. There is this underlying belief that personality is the driving force behind evangelism.

6. As a Christ Follower, you know that it is not based on personality, but is a biblical command. God says, “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28). “Go” in this Greek context means as you go through your daily schedule. Within this same Scripture people think mission is evangelism. Earley and Wheeler state, “The essential nature and expression of evangelism is the passionate proclamation of the message of the gospel to the end people…will receive forgiveness and eternal life. On the other hand, missions are a transcultural enterprise in which the gospel message is taken into another culture at home or overseas (Acts 1:8).”

7. As A Christ Follower, you know that regardless of where you are located you share the gospel.

We have a saying at our church, “You can’t beat people up with the gospel.” Our attitude has a direct bearing on how the gospel is received. Our behavior needs to be Christ-like. If we act “better than” others, they are not likely to hear the gospel. 1 Peter explains that once we were in darkness, but God called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.

8. As a Christ Follower, you know that once you were lost, but now you are found. God uses us to hold his flashlight so others might see him clearly.

Clearly is an understatement, we see fear running rampant in all types of circumstances, but the gospel should never be one of those. The very God that saved us gives us strength and courage to share the gospel.

9. As a Christ Follower, you know that if you open your mouth God will fill it (Psalm 81:10). It is amazing how God has equipped us to do the work of the ministry. All we must do is to be willing to share Gods love with others. As we look at Christian Theology, we study and learn about God.

10. As a Christ Follower, we know that learning about God enables us to share the gospel. This week let us not be ignorant, but believe that Jesus died and rose again (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18). He is sitting at the right hand of the Father watching — will we follow?

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