The Word — Taste and see the Lord is good

Published 4:21 pm Saturday, March 5, 2022

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When I first found the Lord at age eight, it was exciting. I loved going to church, I loved learning about God and always knew that He was with me and watching over me. Then I started to grow up and life pressed in. With more responsibility and more influences in my life I did not always make those godly choices that would lead me on the right path. I had less time to spend with God. I had not learned that you take God with you everywhere you go. I had not learned that God desires to spend time with me. I had not understood that he would help me with my future “if” I would give it to him. I had not learned how much he loved me. In my mind, God had become distant. The reality was that I had become distant, not God.

The Word says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” Psalm 34:8 I believe when I was eight that I had tasted some of “the goodness of God”. It was wonderful to discover God and to know that he knew I existed. I understood certain things about God, but I never understood that I could truly know God – like personally. I had a limited experience. I believe once we truly “taste the goodness of God,” it radically changes our lives. We have a security in knowing God and an understanding of the kind of relationship that is possible with God. When that happens; no one can tell you any different. You cannot be led away from God, unless you decide that you want to reject him. God says that nothing can separate you from his love if you trust him.

Tasting the goodness of God, draws us closer and closer to God. You do not pull away from him because it is just “that good!” We grow up spiritually when we taste that godly goodness and our taste buds do not desire anything less. In fact, we desire more of his goodness. As Christ Followers, God ask each of us to pick up our cross daily and follow him.

When we pick up that cross, life can press in. However, God is right there. Let us be mindful of the younger Christ Followers that we may influence. It is not age, but it is relationship. Help them to understand how deep God’s love is for them, help them find security in trusting God with their lives. Live in such a way that God may be glorified and so that, other people may “taste and see that God is good.”

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