Letter — Artificial intelligence first requires human intelligence

Published 1:16 pm Thursday, January 27, 2022

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To the Editor:

We hear so much about artificial intelligence (A.I.) today in the media and online. A.I. has its place in technological innovation and is growing in popularity, but…

In the term, “artificial intelligence,” the operative word is, artificial. Behind artificial intelligence is human intelligence, and not the other way around. Artificial intelligence cannot exist unless first, human intelligence thinks, conceives and creates it.

Artificial intelligence reflects — mirrors human intelligence according to the personality or personalities that creates the computer information program used. When you converse with, say, a virtual digital assistant, or go to an online — cyber search engine, you are receiving information that first originated with human intelligence — consciousness.

In actuality, information and knowledge cannot be separated, divorced from the human intelligence that first holds the information in their mind — consciousness and expressed through those characteristics and properties associated with that particular personality.

Consciousness creates matter and artificial intelligence if that is the intent, and not the other way around. There simply is no static, dusty “stand-alone” body of information, like the Akashic Records, for the ever expanding records of all that is, that is, the “living library” compendium of knowledge exists as ever-expanding personality intelligence, whether that personality is physical or not.

Artificial Intelligence is not alive, cannot create, cannot reason, cannot dream and cannot reproduce, and, most importantly, requires an exterior electrical source, whereas human intelligence has its own built-in electrical source, consciousness, always “alive” and functioning.

Ronald H. Card