Opinion — Being Fallible and The Gift of Christmas-Christ’s Birth

Published 3:01 pm Friday, November 12, 2021

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Fallible. We are all fallible because as humans we make mistakes. Yet, God who created us loved us in spite of these fallibilities-those mistakes. Over 2,000 years ago he came down in the form of a babe born to a holy virgin to save the world as a risen Savior. That is the gift of Christmas.

These past two years we have seen a pandemic, racial tension like no other time, an insurrection and the fallout from how we have not behaved in the best way to address those issues. Fighting over mask mandates, attacking Asian Americans for no reason just because the Corona virus 19 originated in China and voting protocols put in place that have nothing to do with fair elections were the plays of the day. Remember in Georgia where they are prohibiting people from passing out bottles of water to voters standing in line to vote? Should I go on?

That is why we need, I mean really need to sing glory to the newborn king and remember that precious gift so long ago of the birth of Jesus Christ and the light whcih was himself that he gave to the world. That gift was love that surpasses all other love-that agape love. The Christmas story explained in St. Matthew Chp. 1 Verses 18-25 and Chp. 2 Verses 1-2 tells of that glorious gift.

Oh, yes, we are fallible, but Jesus came that we may know love and compassion despite the fallibilities. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022.

Judy Moore, a tour guide at The Central High Museum lives in Wylliesburg and can be reached at v5agabond2@gmail.com.