Letter — Speak up about solar projects

Published 6:49 pm Thursday, August 19, 2021

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To the Editor,

Charlotte County has already approved but not yet built three other solar projects — a five-megawatt, a 150-megawatt and a 167-megawatt. Most of us have seen the eyesore on Rt 59.

Now being discussed is a 217-megawatt north of Charlotte Court House … and an 800-megawatt from Wylliesburg to Randolph, Saxe, Scuffletown and beyond. Why? Why would anyone think this is good for us as a county? Instead of being the source of chuckles about the largest court house, do we want to be the source of chuckles for the largest batch of solar slabs in the state and maybe the region? We don’t have any experience with these projects and don’t know what lies down the road 15-20 years from now. Other counties are voting these projects down. The one in Halifax was just five megawatts. There are good reasons other counties are voting these projects down and hope our board will vote down the pending applications just as other counties are doing.

I have heard that these projects will bring revenue to the county. How? These companies have work crews that follow the job just as pipeline workers. Look at the out of state tags working the sites in other counties. Increased revenue to our businesses? Maybe a few more dollars at Dollar General, but we have no retail to really receive any business. These workers will go to other counties to shop just as we have to.

Please call on your elected representative to the Board of Supervisors and tell them to vote no. Wait until the other already approved smaller projects are up and running. See what returns we get from them before jumping into something that cuts the heart out of our County! Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Beverly Fitz

Drakes Branch.