COLUMN — The Holy Spirit makes us all winners

Published 11:59 am Friday, August 13, 2021

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We have a local quick market that I frequent. I buy gas there and support the local business and sometimes pick up a snack.

I live about 15 miles from a local grocery store and an hour plus, from what I call, “Big Town.” Because I frequent the market, I have a rapport with the owners – a super nice couple, up in age and always lovely conversations. Sometimes, while I am there people will come in and buy quite a few lottery tickets. The people are taking a chance by paying an amount of money to win a much larger sum – a jack pot. These people are hoping they can become rich.

In the word we see a similar venture, casting lots to see who will replace Judas.

“And they drew lots for them, and the lot fell to Matthias; and he was added to the eleven apostles.” (Acts 1:26) However, these disciples actually prayed and asked God to choose the person who should win the lottery so to speak. They were looking for divine intervention. This was a common practice in the Old Testament. Amazingly, casting lots is never mentioned again. Why? This was the beginning of the Holy Spirit moving within the Christ follower. There would no longer be any need to cast lots.

The Holy Spirit is a sure thing. He is able to direct the Christ follower and help them make wise decisions.

Jesus was clear in his direction with the disciples before he returned to heaven. He told them to wait until the Holy Spirit would come and empower them. “Gathering them together, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for what the Father had promised, “Which,” he said, “you heard of from me; for John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now.” (Acts 1:4, 5) No longer, would direction be uncertain because every believer would have the ability to understand with the help of the Holy Spirit.

As Christ followers, I think sometimes we forget that we are not out here forging alone. We neglect to remember that the Holy Spirit is within us. God’s very presence is filling every part of us. If we take hold to what God has provided we can always be in a win-win situation. It does not matter how we feel in the natural, we can ask God to put his “super” on our natural and things can change.

If things do not change in the way we want, sometimes God changes the way we look at the situation. Either way, the Holy Spirit is always helping us. This week may we remember to tap into the Holy Spirit and realize we are always winners.

Yvette Perrin is a columnist for The Charlotte Gazette. She can be reached at