Opinion — Republicans need to stop rooting against the state

Published 6:09 pm Thursday, August 5, 2021

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One would think that Virginia winning its second consecutive honor as the top state in the nation for business from CNBC would be something we could all get behind and say, “Yay us!”

But that hasn’t been the case for some Republicans who have spent a considerable amount of time yelling at the referee for giving them a prize few people actually care about.

In an email with a link to donate to his campaign at the bottom, State Senator Mark Obenshain of Harrisonburg seemed very skeptical that the same state where he serves as a key leader would be good enough to be tops in the nation for  business. He said CNBC’s new category called “Life, Health and Inclusion” is what kept Virginia at the top of the charts and took great issue with its inclusion.

“I guess we should have expected something like this from the sister network to MSNBC,” the email read. “There had to be a way to reward states like Virginia for their embrace of the woke and liberal initiatives now so in vogue among the media and liberal elite.”

Yes, indeed. How dare Virginia be recognized for its initiatives to pay workers a living wage, make it easier for citizens to exercise their right to vote or treat everyone equally.

State Senator Frank Ruff also joined the chorus of uncheerful boobirds seemingly rooting against their own interests with his column on this very page last week. After some research, the Virginia political leader seems to feel Texas would have been a better choice for the award.

Yes, Texas.

That’s the same Texas where people actually died during a freeze just this past winter because the power systems were not winterized. That’s also the same Texas whose Democratic legislators are currently seeking political sanctuary in Washington D.C. in an effort to avoid passing stricter voting reform measures. Sounds like a great place to open a Krispy Kreme.

Perhaps Ruff will also look into whether Texas Tech should have won the 2019 National Championship in basketball instead of Virginia because Ty Jerome allegedly double dribbled in the national semifinal against Auburn.

It’s this type of petty, nonsensical opposition to inane things that demonstrate the lack of an agenda for the Republican Party.

If Republicans want to make Virginia better for business, then support the national infrastructure bill that will fund new bridges, roads and train travel; get behind efforts to bring broadband to every Virginian and stop obsessing over Critical Race Theory and where people use the bathroom and start finding ways to make our rural school systems more competitive.

Virginia’s business success didn’t begin when Governor Ralph Northam took office. The state won the same award when Republican Bob McDonnell was governor in 2011. 

Republicans need to be a part of this team and work to move us forward. Otherwise, I hear the Texas legislature may have a few openings. It’s really nice there this time of year.

Roger Watson is editor of The Charlotte Gazette and Farmville Newsmedia LLC. His email address is Roger.Watson@TheCharlotteGazette.com.