Lady Statesmen take two of three matches

Published 12:14 pm Thursday, May 20, 2021

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The Randolph-Henry Varsity Girls Tennis team ended its week at 7-1 sweeping both Goochland and Buckingham for the season.

On Monday May 10, the Lady Statesmen had their first regular season loss since 2018. They team fell to Halifax County High School 3-6. The team had competitive matches and played well against the Division 4A school.


1 – Grace Algeier (RH) d. Rose R-Sarntaro (H) 8-2

2 – Amanda Duffer (H) d. Mary Scruggs (RH) 8-1

3 – Emily Tharpe (RH) d. Ellie Hall (H) 8-4

4 – Maelyn Edwards (H) d. Suin Kim (RH) 8-1

5 – Blair Cole (H) d. Jenna Harmon (RH) 8-6

6 – Morgan Lawson (RH) d. Alyssa Heddings (H) 8-5


Sarntaro/Duffer (H) d. Algeier/Scruggs (RH) 8-4

Hall/Edwards (H) d. Tharpe/Kim (RH) 8-3

On Tuesday, May 11, the Lady Statesmen traveled to Goochland and for the second time this season, they blanked the Lady Bulldogs sweeping them this year.
The results for Goochland match were as follows:


1 – Grace Algeier (RH) d. Margaret Townsend (G) 8-1

2 – Mary Scruggs (RH) d. Heather Raley (G) 8-6

3 – Emily Tharpe (RH) d. Kendall Griffis (G) 8-0

4 – Suin Kim (RH) d. Anna Stamey (G) 8-5

5 – Jenna Harmon (RH) d. Layla Allen (G) 8-0

6 – Morgan Lawson (RH) d. Genevieve Will (G) 8-5


Algeier/Scruggs (RH) def Townsend/Raley (G) 8-2

Tharpe/Kim (RH) d. Griffis/Taina Ramirez (G) 8-3

Harmon/Lawson (RH) d. Allen/Stamey (G) 8-0

On Thursday, May 13, Randolph-Henry hosted Buckingham winning 9-0, sweeping them this season.


1 – Grace Algeier (RH) d. Meredith DeLong-Maxey (B) 8-0

2 – Mary Scruggs (RH) d. Rachel Bardon (B) 8-0

3 – Emily Tharpe (RH) d. Sidney Brewster (B) 8-2

4 – Suin Kim (RH) d. Taniya Brown (G) 8-0

5 – Jenna Harmon (RH) d. Katelyn Miller (G) 8-0

6 – Morgan Lawson (RH) d. Abbie Martin (G) 8-0


Algeier/Scruggs (RH) d. DeLong-Maxey/Bardon (B) 8-1

Tharpe/Kim (RH) d. Brewster/Brown (B) 8-1

Harmon/Lawson (RH) d. Miller/Martin (B) 8-0

The Randolph-Henry Varsity Girls Tennis team will finish its regular season Tuesday at home against Prince Edward High School.