‘Egg My Yard’ fundraiser announced

Published 12:40 am Sunday, March 21, 2021

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Children and adults alike may wake up Easter morning Sunday, April 4, to find their yard filled with Easter eggs thanks to a fundraiser being organized by Meherrin Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

The “Egg My Yard” fundraiser will be executed by small teams of volunteers and fire/EMS personnel who will stealthily visit the yards of area homes under the cover of darkness Saturday night, April 3, to hide candy- and prize-filled eggs for children or even unsuspecting adults to find first thing Easter morning.

According to Sally Pyle, Meherrin EMS captain and head of the fundraising committee, the idea for the event came after a long period of brainstorming by Meherrin Volunteer Fire and Rescue officials on COVID-friendly fundraiser ideas.

Volunteer fire departments and EMS operations have faced a difficult year financially after the COVID-19 pandemic canceled many of the biggest area fundraisers for these types of organizations, including Meherrin’s Fourth of July fireworks celebration, a decades-old tradition.

After seeing an idea for a similar Egg My Yard event on the internet, Pyle and her team posted a flyer on Facebook advertising the event and the price for an “egging.” The post has since garnered over 400 shares along with hundreds of likes and comments from excited community members.

Pyle said the department was encouraged to do the fundraiser as a way to raise money while also giving back to the area after such a difficult year, especially for local children.

“The community has lost so much, especially the kids around here,” she said.

In order to participate in the fundraiser, those interested in arranging for their yard or the yard of another person to be egged can call Sally (434) 547-2927, Danny (434) 607-0741 or Erin (434) 607-5942 with Meherrin Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

The price for an egging ranges from 20 eggs for $10 to 60 eggs for $30.

Pyle added while many of those interested in the event have been grandparents who want to send eggs to the yards of their grandchildren or parents who want their kids to wake up to a yard full of eggs, other residents may enjoy egging the yard of a friend or neighbor. Volunteers have also been contacted to egg the yards of some area businesses.

However, in order to participate, at least one member of the “targeted” household must be aware that volunteers will show up Saturday night to hide the eggs.

Pyle said the deliveries are not currently restricted to a certain distance, nor has a limit been set on the amount of deliveries which will be made.

She added Meherrin Volunteer Fire and Rescue has set a goal to raise about $2,500-$3,000 with the fundraiser, which would amount to roughly 5,000 eggs.

Additionally, Pyle said fire and rescue members and volunteers have donated many eggs and candy to the fundraiser, so no money will come out of the pocket of the organization.

Individuals can call the numbers above to order an egging, make a monetary donation, donate eggs or candy or inquire about volunteering the night of April 3.