LETTER — ‘Stop being selfish slobs’

Published 7:11 pm Friday, February 12, 2021

To the Editor:

This is an open letter to certain rude people who traverse Terrell Road in the Aspenwall area of the county – but it applies to all the county roads.  Stop throwing your trash on our road.

We have just spent eight hours over two days picking up trash along a two-mile stretch of Terrell Road.  We filled a dozen extra-large bags with trash (mostly beer and soda bottles and cans), and picked up five tires, a sofa cushion, and a Samsung tablet (really). 

As usual, there were McDonald’s wrappers and cups. Given the closest McDonald’s is near Lynchburg, it means you drove 40 minutes before dumping your trash on our road.  You couldn’t have held onto it a little longer until you got home and then thrown it in your trashcan? 

We would like to think that it is strangers to the county who are doing this; sadly, most often it is local people.

We pick-up trash on our road regularly and it is always the same.  We do it because we take pride in where we live.  To you who toss your bottles, cans, food wrappers, etc. out your car windows,  why should we or anyone else have to pick up your trash?  Have some pride and some decency and stop being selfish slobs.  Dispose of your trash in a trash can, preferably at your house. 

And to the person who is so very fond of Bud Light in blue aluminum bottles and cans, stop throwing your empties on our road or you might wake up one morning to find them on your front lawn.

Kathy Liston and Earl Strain