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Published 4:25 pm Friday, October 23, 2020

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To The Editor:

In reading the article, “Where’s the apology for superspreader event?” by Roger Watson, I was taken aback by his attack on this church in Keysville.

He makes a lot of factual-sounding assertions concerning a revival that I must assume that he did not attend. If I was not a Christian and familiar with Christian practices, this article would cause me to have ill feelings toward this church, causing friction and division, which is what I assume was Mr. Watson’s intention.

I have the same right to assume some things just as he does. First, I assume that he is assuming a lot about this church’s revival and their spreading of the virus to their community. He’s either assuming or health officials are guilty of HIPAA violations.

I also assume that he does not think that indoor NBA games, MLB games, NFL games with team COVID outbreaks, protests, riots or looting are superspreading events. There is much more intense contact at a sporting event than a four day, I assume, one hour a day church event. In the great Oklahoma University, Texas football game last weekend, I witnessed with my own eyes a whole lot of hugging, cheering, singing and crying (Texas fans) going on.

Protests and riots have been going on for five months across the nation but Mr. Watson fails to comment on these superspreaders. He did, however, take the opportunity to throw the president into the mix. Was he at the revival? I know that Mr. Watson knows that the 200,000 death number is very suspect due to nationwide fraud investigations over federal money attached to COVID deaths. I know he knows because he is the smartest guy in the room.

In Mr. Watson’s view, only churchgoers and the president are restricted from living what they believe. He failed to mention protests, riots, looting, NBA, MLB, NFL in his superspreader comments.

Therefore, my assumption is that he is simply an unhappy and divisive liberal that cherrypicks what he wants to criticize to put forward his own agenda.

I hope the health officials denounce Mr. Watson’s article that makes factual-sounding health accusations that he could not possibly make aside from health officials violating HIPAA laws.

And to the little church in Keysville, live on.

My last assumption is that this will not be printed, but who knows.

Gary Rutherford