LETTER — Vote yes to supporting our schools

Published 4:34 pm Thursday, October 15, 2020

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To The Editor:

By voting yes for schools on November 3  in Charlotte County, you’re voting yes to the sustainment of the buildings that our children inhabit 40 hours a week. You’re voting yes to ensuring these buildings are creating a healthy learning environment for our kids. You’re voting yes to guaranteeing their safety while they’re attending these schools.

We all want our children to excel, and to go above and beyond their wildest dreams. If the school in which they attend isn’t conducive in creating a safe, vigorous learning atmosphere, our children will not be learning to their full potential. It’s up to us, the taxpaying citizens of this county to make certain we are doing our due diligence in providing the best for our kids. They are our future.

Instead of focusing on the faults of the county, what could have, what should have, what would have been done, let’s come together on Nov. 3 and vote yes for schools. Vote yes to only one penny on every dollar, paid by everyone, not just Charlotte County residents.  Vote yes to supporting our local schools.

Amanda Redmond

President PTO Eureka Elementary School