LETTER — Public education attracts businesses

Published 4:33 pm Thursday, October 15, 2020

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To The Editor:

I have been in the lumber manufacturing business in Charlotte County for 49 years. The value derived from the quality of public education here in our county is paramount to both attracting businesses and partnering in the growth of these entities. Young parents will not relocate their families to a county where there is a weak to average school system. When I was responsible for hiring management and interviewed candidates from outside the county, sometimes the state, the aforementioned concern was brought to my attention. Hiring local residents is obviously the preference of our company which reiterates even more so the importance of education here in our county.

I am a strong proponent of education. My track record in the business world substantiates that. There is not a better investment we as citizens of Charlotte County can make than to support quality education for the children. I urge each of you to vote yes for the referendum on the November 3 ballot for the 1% sales tax increase. All revenue generated is earmarked for repairs and renovation of our public schools. The physical condition of our school buildings is a clear and outward image of the emphasis which we as citizens place on education.

As to the chicken-egg scenario in which comes first, public education attracts businesses.

J. Ken Morgan
Red Oak