LETTER — I’m not wearing a mask

Published 12:43 pm Thursday, September 17, 2020

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To The Editor:

No toilet paper, sound the alarm. No fear, governor, just grab either the state or U.S. Constitution and when you are done finish wiping the black face off as well.

Freedom, who needs it, so long as we are all safe, right? Just fear and obey your controllers like good obedient subjects. Line up, stand 6 feet apart, with masks on, so you can be easily controlled like Hitler’s Germany.

Fear is the opposite of freedom. Fear is control.

Here is a concept, incremental conditioning. What does it take for people to wake up?

Propaganda indoctrination: It’s bad enough that we are being manipulated and controlled, but what’s worse is it’s being done with lies.

Upon attending the so-called public county board meeting, I was informed I’d have to put on a mask. I refused. I was told if I entered without one, I’d be arrested on the orders of the governor/VDH. The sign outside said 14 people another sign posted by the door says CDC says don’t wear a mask.

Wake up people! Do the terms can’t buy, sell or trade without the Mark bother anyone else? Your vaccine is on the way, but don’t take my word for it.

To those in power, if your motivation is power, I oppose you. If your motivation is fear, I pity you. If your motivation is compromise, well once you compromise, what’s right is no longer right. It’s all corruption. The highest laws of the land are the constitutions (national/state), the laws above that are God’s laws. Nothing y’all are doing line up with these.

To the board member who siced the deputy on me, and said, “you better go see about that.” I’ve got no confidence in you ever doing what’s right. Did you say you weren’t going to wear a mask? Hmmm.

This letter to the editor is in response to the tyrannical enforcement thrust upon my civil rights upon attending the so-called public board meeting that allowed for only 14 persons to attend. After being ordered to wear a mask and take my temperature, neither of which did I agree to, I was told if I entered without a mask, I’d be arrested on orders of the governor/VDH. I asked to see such a law, there was none posted, nor did they provide one. (The county administrator did produce a copy of the governor’s executive order. That’s no legislated law nor factually scientific and definitely not constitutional.)

What was posted on the bulletin board, right outside the Administration Office was a CDC statement: Do not use face masks. CDC does not recommend the use of face masks for the general U.S. public to prevent the spread of 2019-nCoV.

Starting to understand what it must have felt like during Hitler’s start and rise to power. If your compliance is motivated by power you are wrong. If motivated by fear, you are wrong.

Not complying with Northam/WHO/Fauci/Gates/lies.

George Toombs