PLC yield updates deadline is Sept. 30

Published 12:36 pm Friday, September 11, 2020

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Farm owners have a one-time opportunity to update Price Loss Coverage (PLC) yields of covered commodities on the farm, regardless of Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and PLC program election.

The deadline to request a PLC yield update is Sept. 30.

The updated yield will be equal to 90 percent of the average yield per planted acre in crop years 2013-2017 (excluding any year where the applicable covered commodity was not planted), subject to the ratio obtained by dividing the 2008-2012 average national yield by the 2013-2017 average national yield for the covered commodity. If the reported yield in any year is less than 75 percent of the 2013-2017 average county yield, then the yield will be substituted with 75 percent of the county average yield.

It is the owner’s choice whether to update or keep existing PLC yields. If a yield update is not made, then no action is required to maintain the existing PLC yield. An existing or updated PLC yield will be maintained and effective for crop years 2020 through 2023 (life of the 2018 Farm Bill).  PLC yields may be updated on a covered commodity-by-covered commodity basis using FSA form CCC-867.

Contact the Charlotte/Lunenburg office at 434-542-5121 to inquire about updating yields.