Petition seeks a vote on solar farms

Published 1:13 pm Thursday, August 6, 2020

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To The Editor:

Why are many registered voters in Charlotte County having smiles on their faces? 

It is because a small group of highly-concerned  citizens are out circulating petitions to enable the voters to make the decision about their future, and the futures of generations to come. 

The petition is for the right to put a referendum on the November 3 ballot, so the voters can say yes or no to the large scale commercial solar fields that are being proposed throughout our county. 

Most voters really don’t have any idea what is being proposed by these outside entities, in their quest to establish Charlotte County as the largest, large scale solar site in Virginia. 

One such site proposal will encompass 18,600 acres of farm and timber land.  This site will encompass Randolph to Old 26, and run all the way to the back side of the Tastee Freeze.  The land will be cordoned off from all human activity, and will displace most, if not all, wildlife.  This proposed swath of land will be occupied for 25 to 30 years, and will not let any crops or animals to be raised in their controlled areas.  This is too great an issue to be left up to the “government.” Our proposal is for the people to make this extremely important decision, as it will impact generations for decades.  

The faces of the voters, who I have talked with about this issue, are now hopeful that they will have a say in this matter.  They walk away smiling about a better future for themselves and their loved ones.  It is especially evident when they learn that there will not be any reduction in their electrical bills, and that none of the electricity that is generated from these solar fields will be used in Charlotte County. This is a no win for Charlotte County, and a win for outsiders who know nothing about the values of Charlotte County.

There are more outside solar companies that are looking to exploit our county. With this petition, we can finally have a say in this highly divisive matter.

If you would like to help us attain our goal, go to our Facebook page at “Charlotte County Virginia, the garden county” This site will also give you much more information about large scale solar problems from around the world.

Stuart Topp